Balance in your diet, balance in the ocean.

Novish offers plant-based fish substitutes that are 100% soy free and have comparable flavour and texture to fish. With Novish’s delicious fish substitutes, you can create a balance in your diet while at the same time helping to restore the balance in the ocean.

Meet our team

We want to contribute to restoring the balance in nature with our 100% plant-based and soy-free fish substitutes. Since 2019 we have been committed to producing the tastiest plant-based fish substitutes in a sustainable manner. We also have even more ambitions in the field of sustainability.


Anuga 2021: a huge success!

Anuga 2021: a huge success!

On behalf of the Novish team we would like to thank all visitors for their positive energising feedback. Let’s work together to let more consumers eat plant-based fish in-home and out-of-home.

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