Novish was founded in 2019 by Katja Busser, Maiko van der Meer and Paul den Dulk. Together they have 75 years of experience in the food industry and with their knowledge they have been able to make great strides in the international market. In January 2020, Novish launched plant-based fish substitutes at the Horecava trade fair, making it the first vegan fish company in Europe. Novish focuses entirely on plant-based fish substitutes that are 100% soy-free, have a good flavour and texture, combat overfishing and by-catch and create a balance in the daily diet.


The right balance

With 100% plant-based fish substitutes from Novish, you can create a balance in your daily diet, while at the same time helping to restore the balance in the ocean. We know that it is not realistic for everyone to switch to a completely plant-based diet. We don’t think that is necessary either because a balance can also be found between eating normal fish and Novish. Reducing fish consumption ensures a balanced diet that also contributes to the recovery of the ocean. Our message to you is therefore: keep eating fish every now and then, but also try to find the right balance by regularly opting for Novish. That is not only good for you, but also for the environment.

What we stand for

We would like to restore the balance in Nature. We do this by sustainably producing the tastiest plant-based fish, helping to reduce overfishing, by-catch, farmed fish practices and, of course, overall damage to the environment. The following core values are key for us:

  • Sustainable
  • Balance
  • Flavour and texture
  • Combatting overfishing and by-catch

We still have many ambitions in the field of sustainability. Our fish substitutes are 100% plant-based and contribute to restoring the balance in the ocean. There is currently overfishing, which means that more and more marine life is threatened with extinction, and which automatically has an impact on all life on earth. We hope to maintain the fish population through our fish substitutes. We initially started with soy-free products because soy raises many questions in the field of sustainability, for example because there is a lot of deforestation. We also believe that there will be even more demand for soy in the future, so we believe that the degree of sustainability cannot be guaranteed. In addition, we are aware that marine life in the ocean is not only threatened by fishing, but also by the plastic soup accumulating there. We therefore want to make our packaging 100% recyclable and we want to ensure that our packaging consists of 100% recycled material. We are working hard on this, but it is not achievable in the short term.
Our ambition is to have packaging that is 100% sustainable by 2030.

Our team

Maiko van der Meer

CEO / sales

katja busser
Katja Busser

CEO / operations

paul den dulk
Paul den Dulk

CEO / developer